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For immediate release: May 20, 1994

Contact: Joseph Vigorito 258-7892
John Lewis 258-3877

Nederland Citizens to Fight Cryonics Ban

(NEDERLAND, Colorado) The Freeze Tax Waste Committee, a group of concerned Nederland residents, has proposed a referendum to over-turn a recently enacted town ordinance that outlaws cryonics in the Town of Nederland. On Friday, May 20, members of the Freeze Tax Waste Committee delivered a statement of intent to Nederland town officials which says that they plan to circulate petitions to place the referendum on the ballot. When the petition is approved, the citizens will have 15 days to collect enough signatures to place it on the ballot.

Once the statement of intent is filed, the new ordinance cannot be enforced until the issue is brought to a vote of the people.

Joseph Vigorito, director of the Freeze Tax Waste Committee decided to put the matter to a vote of the people because it will save the town of Nederland at least S 100,000. "Wasting taxpayer money to ban cryonics in the town is ridiculous," says Vigorito. "Putting this on the ballot will put the issue to rest once and for all."

On Wednesday, May 17, the Nederland Board of Trustees adopted emergency ordinance #379. The ordinance makes it a
nuisance to "keep bodies" on your property. It gives the town legal power to enforce the nuisance law and assess the cost to
the property owner. The ordinance was aimed at Norwegians Aud Morstoel and her son, Trygve Bauge who are currently storing
the body of Morstoel's father on dry ice in Nederland. Bauge has vowed to fight the town, taking the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary.

Grandpa's in the Tuff Shed

Bredo Morstoel remains frozen in a tough shed in Nederland

Grandpa's in the Tuff Shed

This situation inspired the highly-acclaimed film "Grandpa's in the Tough Shed"



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