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"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" -- Thomas Jefferson

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About Us

Mission Statement

The Colorado Legal Eagles is a civil rights group based in Nederland, Colorado. The mission of the Colorado Legal Eagles is to assist in the establishment of a fair and just society. The Eagles recognize certain inequities in society that exist solely for the political and economic benefit of the few at the expense of the many. The result is an unacceptable burden laid upon a broad class of citizens is the heart and soul of the Eagles' work.

The Eagles are first and foremost Rainbows. The Rainbow is one of the many broad classes of citizens suffering discrimination. For many years the federal government has engaged in a policy of oppression of the Rainbow Culture. The Rainbow Culture enshrines the general respect for nature and believe there is no reason why humans can not live upon our planet without destroying it's life giving properties. We makes no apologies for these positions. The Eagles will assist the right of Rainbow People to continue the struggle for justice, to peaceably assemble on the land, to speak freely of their cumulative knowledge and experiences, and to demonstrate the value of this vision to others.

Therefore, the Eagles find it necessary to oppose federal regulations designed to oppress and criminalize the activities of Rainbow. The Eagles are moved to utilize all means necessary and legal, and enter the political fight to defeat those forces of tyranny, and uphold our right to gather.

Further, the Eagles shall maintain the right to intercede on behalf of all those suffering at the hand of oppressive tyranny. May the Great Spirit guide our way.

Eagle Medicine

Eagle medicine is the power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine. It is the ability to live in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth. Eagle soars, and is quick to observe expansiveness within the overall pattern of life. From the heights of the clouds, Eagle is close to the heavens where the Great Spirit dwells.
The feathers of Eagle are considered to be the most sacred of healing tools. They have been used for centuries by shamans to cleanse the auras of patients coming to them for healing. Within the belief systems of North American tribes, Eagle represents a state of grace achieved through hard work, understanding, and a completion of the tests of initiation which result in the taking of one's personal power. It is only through the trial of experiencing the lows in life as well as the highs, and through the trial of trusting one's connection to the Great Spirit, that the right to use the essence of Eagle medicine is earned.



Pray for Peace

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